EXAMPLE: E-Commerce
This is a database driven e-commerce site developed in partnership with Revolution Design. Almost all content and products on the site are dynamically generated and most aspects of the site can be easily changed by the customer thanks to an eloborate content management system.


The site features multiple shopping carts, personalization, advanced search capabilities, and frequently updated content.
  Some of the contents of the client's databse are normalized with self-referential data.

For instance: each product category on this page has a parent category and, in many cases, that category has a lower level parent of its own.

This requires a recursive drilldown to list the hierarchy of product categories.

See the code behind the page
  The product detail page features "breadcrumbs," multiple product options, and related product cross-selling.
  Personalization features on the site allow customers to view their shopping history, maintain multiple shopping lists, and re-order previous purchases.

Customers can be offered discounts, targeted e-mail, on other special features.
  Shopping Lists allow B2B customers to easily reorder specialized or seasonal inventory.
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