EXAMPLE: Legacy Systems Replacement
Legacy systems become outdated, but the data they supply is still critical to the enterprise. This client had a mainframe application which was difficult to use and being phased out. A quick, economical solution was developed using VBA and Microsoft Excel to perform the same complex statistical reporting.


The application has a simplified interface for ease of use. (the client expected to need a training class!)

It also has dozens of sophisticated features to fix corrupt data, fix mis-named files, and prevent accidental user corruption of data or statistics.

The Reports for instructors can be printed individually or en masse.

Summary reports of all instructors and all courses currently in the database can also be produced.


In addition to managing years of cumulative statistics and automatically printing reports, the application allows users to edit the list of departmental courses used in the reports.

  Highly readable finished reports are produced without further user intervention.

  Click here to download a working demo
(368K Zip format —requires Excel95 or better)

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